Report and Aftermath

Reviewer Report and Process

After the site visit and after any additional information has been received from the department, the reviewers will compose and submit their report to the CAPPA Accreditation Board.

As the reviewers write the report, they will advise the department if an emerging negative assessment is likely and the nature of their concern(s). The department will be given an opportunity to respond and provide any relevant documentation before the report is submitted by the reviewers to the Board.

If the reviewers still believe an emerging negative assessment is forthcoming, then they should advise the CAPPA Accreditation Board Chair of the nature of the concern. After consulting with the Accreditation Board, the Chair will discuss with the department representative how to proceed. The department may elect to pause the process to address the concern or it may choose to file additional information for the review pertaining to the concern raised. While the Accreditation Board cannot alter the report of the reviewers, it will take into account any such information filed by the department when it is making its decision on accreditation.

The Reviewer Report should be submitted to the Accreditation Board as two separate documents.

  • The main document should be prepared as the Report that is posted on the CAPPA website and should include the recommendation of the reviewers and their review of the program noting areas for improvement in a constructive manner.
  • The second document should be a confidential strategic memorandum that outlines the strengths and weaknesses of the program(s) and provides advice to the leadership of the department/school on matters which are especially important to ensure continued success and improvement in the future. The strategic memorandum  will not be a public document but will be confidential to the Board and department to allow for detailed candid comments. However, it is an integral part of the process intended to promote continuous improvement in programs and potentially provide the program leadership with assistance in making necessary changes or to obtain required resources for their programs.


Accreditation Board Decision

The Board will review the reviewers’ report and any additional information supplied by the department in response to concerns raised in the report. Based on the Board deliberations and decision, the Board Chair will inform the department of the accreditation decision. If there is an emerging negative decision, then the department will be advised and will be given the opportunity to reply and provide any additional information to answer concerns before the Accreditation Board takes its final decision.

Once the department has been informed of the Board decision and the department has had an opportunity to respond to that decision in writing, then the CAPPA Accreditation Board will post the Board letter to the department with the accreditation decision, the reviewer report and the department response(s) on the CAPPA website. The Accreditation Board will report its decisions to the CAPPA Board through its annual report.