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2018 Conference

CAPPA’s seventh annual Research Conference in Public Administration, Policy, and Management was held May 31 – June 1, 2018 at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan. Building on the theme of Congress 2018, “Gathering diversities | mâmawinitotân nanâtohk-ayisiyiniwa,” the conference featured diverse gatherings in Canadian, Indigenous, Provincial and Territorial contexts that have engendered new innovations that enable communities to thrive, particularly in adverse times. (The AGM annual report is below.)

The 2019 conference and AGM will be held in Montreal, co-hosted by Concordia University and the University of Montreal.


About the Annual Conferences

The annual CAPPA conference brings together Canadian and international scholars from various disciplines sharing an interest in public management, public administration and/or public policy analysis issues. This includes fields such as public management, public administration and public policy analysis, political science, law, history, economics, and sociology.

The location of the conference rotates between CAPPA member universities and is usually held in the spring. A theme is selected and scholars are invited to submit panel and paper proposals.

Panel proposals consist of three or four individual papers that focus on theoretical or methodological issues and can be submitted by one individual on behalf of the full panel. Submissions should include a short description comprising: 1) the overall theme of the panel (150 words); 2) an abstract for each paper in the panel (250 words maximum); and, 3) the names/ institutional affiliation/ position/ brief bio of the panel members (100 words).

Individual paper proposals are evaluated based on the significance and quality of the research question, design, methods, data (where appropriate), and implications. They should include: 1) an abstract (maximum 250 words); and, 2) the names/institutional affiliation/position/brief bio of the researcher (maximum 100 words).

Details about submission deadlines, criteria and whom to submit to are usually promulgated in December, with deadlines in January. This information will be posted on the CAPPA site as soon as it becomes available.



The annual general meeting is held on the second day of the conference. Agendas and minutes will be disseminated prior to the meeting, and minutes published on this site once approved by the Executive and Board.