Concours de cas 2017

A National Political Football:
The F-35 Jetfighter Procurement Program

Sponsors: Ernst & YoungInstitute of Public Administration of Canada, Institute for Research on Public Policy, & CAPPA

Carleton's winning team
Carleton’s Winning Team

The 2017 National Public Administration Case Competition was held at Ryerson University’s Department of Politics and Public Administration on Saturday, February 18, 2017. The sponsors were the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC), Institute for Research in Public Policy, and Ernst & Young.

The case centred around the controversial F-35 procurement program. Students were asked to develop recommendations and an implementation plan of those recommendations. Their plan had to balance the operational needs of the military, the industrial spinoffs associated with any major procurement decision, while being aware of the politics and precarious financial situation of the Government.

« Procurement is one of the most controversial decisions any government can make – and the size of that procurement does not matter. Military procurement is particularly complicated mainly because it is imperative to balance operational needs of the military (e.g., safety requirements, minimum planes to service existing missions/ commitments, and domestic needs for security), with the fiscal, coordinative, political and distributive realities of the government. It also raises important issues regarding regional sensitivities and industrial policy more generally. »

The Judges
The Judges

The competition was judged by Mark MacDonald (Partner, Ernst & Young), Ms. Laurie LeBlanc (DM, Ontario Ministry of Housing), Dr. Robert Taylor (CEO, Institute of Public Administration of Canada), Dr. Andrea Migone (Director of Research and Outreach, Institute of Public Administration of Canada), and, Ms. Kaylee Chretien (Supervisor, Transport Canada, Ontario Region). We owe each of the judges a debt of gratitude for their time, rigour, and experience.

The competition attracted twelve excellent teams representing universities from across the country. Each of the teams performed extremely well.

Top team presentations:

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