What We Do

CAPPA is involved in a range of activities for students, academics and other groups.


Accreditation is a voluntary, nongovernmental process involving a rigorous external review of a program conducted by peers to ensure that the program meets a standard of excellence that provides a high quality of education for students graduating from the program.

Annual Conference

The annual CAPPA conference brings together Canadian and international scholars from various disciplines sharing an interest in public management, public administration and/or public policy analysis issues. This includes fields such as public management, public administration and public policy analysis, political science, law, history, economics, and sociology. The location of the conference rotates between CAPPA member universities and is usually held in the spring. A theme is selected and scholars are invited to submit panel and paper proposals.

African Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship

The African Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship Program commemorates the late Nelson Mandela’s commitment to social justice and equity. It supports young African professionals to become leaders in public policy and administration. The scholarship is administered by the Canadian Bureau for International Education and sponsored by various agencies, including CAPPA.

Annual Case Competition

The National Annual Public Administration Case Competition is a joint project of CAPPA and the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC). Canadian universities that have programs in public administration may compete. It is designed to highlight the excellence of Canadian public administration programs and students, and to provide a valuable learning experience for students.

Participants are organized into teams and presented with a “real world” public administration case, with accompanying background material. They work together to develop the best solution over a day. Teams then deliver presentations for judges. Two rounds may be required, and universities with more than one team may have their own internal competitions to determine who will represent the university.

Annual Essay Competition

Every year the Canada School of Public Service (CSPS), under the direction of a coordinating committee, coordinates the National Student Essay Competition. The coordinating committee includes representatives from the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC), CAPPA, and founding members from Dalhousie University and the University of Regina.

The competition is designed for graduate and post-graduate students to share their ideas for how to improve the Public Service of Canada or how to improve public-policy making and implementation more generally. The competition is usually launched in the spring, with papers being submitted before the end of the year. A winner is selected by March.


National Student and Thought Leadership Awards in Public Administration

The National Student and Thought Leadership Awards in Public Administration is a joint initiative of CAPPA and the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC). It aims to recognize talent in Canadian schools at the regional level and at the national level. It promotes excellence in public administration and showcases the top talent emerging from Canadian programs each year.

Pierre De Celles Award for Excellence in Teaching Public Administration

The Pierre De Celles Award for Excellence in Teaching Public Administration recognizes outstanding accomplishment that is worthy of emulation. Aiming to foster innovation, IPAC's Pierre De Celles award encourages and recognizes exceptionally effective and creative teachers. It is sponsored by the IPAC Endowment Fund. The winner is announced at a plenary session of the IPAC Conference.