For the past 40 years, the Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration (CAPPA) has been the leading Canadian association for those with an interest in education and scholarship in public administration. It is an institutional membership organization with approximately 25 graduate and undergraduate program members across Canada all of which are involved in public administration teaching and research. Its membership includes schools, programs, and departments engaged in teaching public administration from the college level through to PhD. It also includes government organizations involved in teaching public administration such as the Canada School of Public Service. All of its member organizations are dedicated to continuously improving the quality of public administration education and scholarship in Canada.

President's Welcome

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President's Annual Reports

The annual general meeting is held on the second day of the conference. Agendas and minutes will be disseminated prior to the meeting, and minutes published on this site once approved by the Executive and Board.

Partners and Affiliates

Canadian Political Science Association The Hubert Project European Association for Public Administration Accreditation International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration The Institute of Public Administration of Canada Canada School of Public Service Institute for Research on Public Policy Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration