10th Annual CAPPA Conference

The 10th Annual CAPPA Conference

Theme: Turning the Tide

May 25-28, 2022

Hosted by the School of Public Administration, University of Victoria


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Abstract due: March 1, 2022 (midnight)

The annual Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration (CAPPA) Conference brings together scholars, practitioners, and students of public administration, public policy, and public management to consider new developments affecting teaching, research, and practice.

The 2022 conference theme is ‘Turning the Tide’ that highlights key issues and opportunities facing the study, teaching, and practice of public administration, with a mix of individual researcher presentations and plenary sessions addressing the following topics:

  • Justice, Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equity in Public Administration and Policy
  • Decolonization and Reconciliation in Public Administration and Public Policy
  • Public Policy in the Post-truth Era
  • Power of Partnerships in Times of Crisis
  • Bold and Agile Public Sector Structures and Processes
  • Teaching Public Administration and Policy: A Shift to Teaching in an Online Environment and Other Transformations

CAPPA will also host its Annual General Meeting during the conference and every conference attendee  is encouraged to attend.

For 2022, the conference organizers welcome proposals that relate to the challenges and opportunities we face as a discipline, in practice and in teaching.

Conference Attendance:

There will two options to attend the conference:

  • In person – The School of Public Administration is committed to providing a safe environment that is in accordance with public safety protocols. In addition to the virtual conference sessions, workshops and events will be available for in person conference participants to attend.
  • Virtual via Zoom – Plenaries and other sessions will take place between the hours of 11:00am EDT and 5:00pm EDT to facilitate access for participants throughout the country.

Four Ways to Participate in the Conference

  1. Panel/Roundtable Proposals

Panel proposals consisting of three or four individual papers/presentations that focus on theoretical or methodological issues can be submitted by one individual on behalf of the full panel. The submission should include a short description comprising: 1) the title and overall theme of the panel (150 word maximum); 2) an abstract for each paper/presentation in the panel (250 words maximum); and, 3) the names/ institutional affiliation/ position/ brief bio of the panel members (100 word maximum).

  1. Presentations

The program committee invites the submission of proposals for presentations, particularly those that explore high quality theoretical, qualitative, or quantitative research. Proposals will be evaluated based on the significance and quality of the research question, design, methods, data (where appropriate), and implications. A completed paper is not necessary to present. Works in progress are welcome. Individual submissions should include: 1) a title and abstract (250 word maximum); and, 2) the names/institutional affiliation/position/brief bio of the researcher (100 word maximum).

Proposals for presentations by graduate students (masters and doctoral) are welcome. They must be accompanied by a nomination by an academic supervisor or graduate program director. Individual submissions should include: 1) an abstract (250 word maximum); 2) the name(s)/institutional affiliation/position/brief bio of the researcher(s) (100 word maximum); and 3) the name/institutional affiliation/position/brief bio of the academic supervisor (100 word maximum).

  1. Research Exchange

Many researchers use conferences as a deadline for writing up research and benefit from the comments and feedback they get when presenting that research. For this type of session, we are not expecting participants to have a completed paper if they want to present; however, if participants DO have a completed paper for which they want feedback, they can participate in the Research Exchange.

Participants will submit a paper and in turn, receive two papers from this Research Exchange for which they will provide feedback. Every participant will receive feedback from two other people. Timing and details will be finalized, but for now, if you want to participate in this stream of the conference, you must register for the conference by March 1 and 1) provide your name/institutional affiliation/position, and the 2) proposed title of the paper with an abstract (150 word maximum). Graduate students are welcome to participate in this stream and will be paired with one academic and one graduate student (if possible).

  1. Meeting the Next Generation(s) of Researchers

To build in some time for early career researchers (e.g., post-docs, new academics, and PhD students) to meet others in the CAPPA community, we will be hosting a virtual event entitled “Meeting the Next Generation(s) of Researchers.”  If you are interested in participating in this forum, please provide a proposal stating you are interested in participating in this forum and provide a brief background on the research you are currently focusing on.

Submission Details and Important Dates

Abstract closing date (paper/panel/research exchange): March 1, 2022 (midnight)

Advised about acceptance: March 15, 2022

Registration due (for presenters and chairs): May 18, 2022

Details on Registration and Conference fees can be found on the CAPPA website by February 15, 2022: https://cappa.ca/en/

More details and a registration link to follow can be found on the CAPPA website and Twitter/LinkedIn.

If you have any questions, please contact either:

  • Naomi Couto, Vice President and CAPPA Conference Co-Chair, naomi@york.ca
  • Kimberly Speers, Interim Secretary and CAPPA Conference Co-Chair, kpeers@uvic.ca