President's Welcome

Rob Shepherd

Welcome to the newly launched CAPPA/ACPAP website. CAPPA/ACPAP is a vibrant, growing organization representing schools and departments of public management, public administration and public policy across Canada. We offer an accreditation service to our member schools to recognise the excellent work they are doing in educating the next generation of public service professionals and public administration scholars.

CAPPA/ACPAP also reaches out to individual scholars and practitioners through our research-oriented activities including the leading annual national research conference held each May, the national CAPPA/IPAC student public administration case competition held each February, and the national student essay contest held in partnership with the Canada School of Public Service. Through CAPPA/ACPAP, academics can build a strong network of colleagues interested in promoting excellence in public administration, management and policy studies.

As of May 2017, I am pleased to welcome several new members to the CAPPA board: Marguerite Cassin (Dalhousie), Michel Ouimet (Laval), Naomi Couto (York), Andrea Rounce (Manitoba), and Kathy McNutt (Johnson-Shoyama). I wish to thank Ian Roberge (Glendon) for his service to the board, and being a huge supporter of CAPPA.

CAPPA/ACPAP continues to grow, and this year several new programs and projects are underway. Most important among these is a reformed accreditation process, which is being led by Michael Atkinson (Johnson-Shoyama), and supported by accreditation board members Nancy Oleweiler (Simon Fraser), Ken Rasmussen (Johnson-Shoyama), and Leslie Pal (Carleton). A number of schools are in the queue for accreditation, and we look forward to more joining in this important process.

CAPPA/ACPAP is a very active organization with a strong interest in advancing public policy and public management research and student activities. Join today and get involved!

- Robert P. Shepherd, CAPPA/ACPAP President

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