President's Welcome

Rob Shepherd

As we close out the 2017-18 academic year, CAPPA/ACPAP is preparing for its annual conference and annual general meeting in Regina, Saskatchewan at the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy. This also marks the end of my two-year term as President, and the transition to a new leadership team.

It has been a remarkable two years for the association. It continues to grow in members, and there is a discernible momentum with respect to the various programs and activities delivered by our fantastic volunteer faculty and support staff across our network of schools.

CAPPA/ACPAP has built a wonderful conference again this year, and I encourage all of our member schools to participate. Under the careful guidance of our local organizing committee, lead by Kathy McNutt at Johnson-Shoyama, we have over 45 research papers being presented by our outstanding community of scholars both established and emerging. We also have several posters being presented by a number of PhD candidates and graduate students. In addition, we have several panels being presented under our MOU between CAPPA/ACPAP and the Canadian Political Science Association (CPSA). These sessions are being coordinated by Luc Juillet (UOttawa), and I am quite certain that everyone will find these to be valuable discussions.

It was another fantastic year for our annual CAPPA-IPAC National Public Administration Case Competition. Thirteen teams from across our network participated this year, the highest participation yet. The competition was masterfully organized by the School of Public Policy at Simon Fraser University under Nancy Olewiler, and her administrative team lead by Eva Lewis. Special thanks to our CAPPA Liaison and organizer, Kathy Brock (Queen’s) for her capable management of our event. The winning teams this year were: Gold – Simon Fraser; Silver – Carleton; and, Bronze – Johnson-Shoyama. All of our teams did exceedingly well this year, and each should be very proud of their efforts. A sincere thank you extends to our fabulous sponsors: ManuLife Financial; IRPP; CSPS; Ernst & Young, Canada School of Public Service; IPAC; and, SFU.

Other important activities organized by CAPPA/ACPAP over the year include the CAPPA-CSPS National Student Essay Contest. Once again, our sincere thanks to Wilma Vreeswijk (CSPS President) and her team for hosting this event, and to Isabelle Fortier (ENAP) for her work liaison work with the organizing committee.

In addition, CAPPA/ACPAP was pleased to be a major partner with the African Leaders of Tomorrow Program. Our thanks go to Susan Isaac at CBIE for her fantastic work to manage the adjudication process and the 60+ placements of students. My thanks go out to David Brown (UOttawa) and Jean-Francois Savard (ENAP) for their efforts to adjudicate applications on behalf of the association.

Our accreditation committee worked very hard this year to implement our new rubrics and study approach. The first two reports and decisions were submitted for the Dalhousie and Concordia graduate programs in public administration. Our special thanks to the study team members, who gave of their time to work on these visits and reports. And, CAPPA/ACPAP is grateful for the efforts of our Accreditation Board chaired by Michael Atkinson (Saskatchewan), and supported by Les Pal (Carleton), Ken Rasmussen (Regina), Ian Clark (Toronto) and Nancy Olewiler (SFU).

This is but a glimpse into the activities of CAPPA/ACPAP. There are many more people to thank for their wonderful contributions, including the efforts of our Communications Committee under Naomi Couto (York), and all of those individuals who work closely with our partner organizations on behalf of the association. Thank you!

As of June 2018, I am pleased to welcome several new members to the CAPPA board: Lori Turnbull (Dalhousie), Alex Marland (Memorial), Brooke Jeffrey (Concordia), Carolyn Johns (Ryerson), Jared Wesley (Alberta), and Maureen Maloney (SFU). I wish to thank Nancy Olewiler (SFU), Marguerite Cassin (Dalhousie), Bryan Evans (Ryerson), and especially Kathy Brock (Queen’s) for their service to the board.

Finally, I wish to thank the executive committee this year for their fine work: Luc Juillet (UOttawa), Executive VP; Isabelle Fortier (ENAP), Treasurer; and, Jonathan Craft (Toronto), Secretary. It has been an honour to work with each of these individuals. Their tireless support over my presidency made the work a pleasure, enduring all my decisions good and bad. Thanks also to the board for their support and patience over the past two years. Without all of these people, there would be no association.

I wish the next executive and board all the success in the world to continue the great work of CAPPA/ACPAP!

Robert P. Shepherd, CAPPA/ACPAP President (2016-18)

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